Wedding Cake A “Yes” to love

A wedding cake, for the most beautiful day of your life!!

Our wedding cakesy are an elegant and unique highlight for your special day. No matter if you celebrate with 20 or 200 guests , we have the cake that suits you.

Wedding cake lilly

Your wedding cake is made individually by hand with care and dedication, no matter if you choose it to be classic white, maritime , colorful or with sparkling rhinestones. We adjust it according to your wishes.

Feel free to browse our website and get inspired. Even if you have very specific ideas for your cake , our professional staff will find a way to please you.

You can also get your wedding cake fitted to the theme of your celebration. Bring us a small color sample and we can mix any desired color exclusively for you.

Wedding cake polka dot

Here at Patisserie Lézard we also offer the possibility to form individual bridal figures. Thank to us, you do not have to rely on the usual representations in catalogs, especially if you choose special and unique details for your cake decoration.

An example of some of the special decorations we can provide is embellishing your cake with real roses.
Additionally, we offer a wide range of festive stands that give you even more unusual ways to shape up and present your cake.

Our promise to you:

  • Hand modeled cakes
  • Special pastry cream
  • Quality, natural and fresh ingredients
  • Enchanted guests
  • No buttercream
  • Reduced calorie content up to 50%


Below we present some of our most beautiful wedding cakes.
We would be happy to give you advise on your cake in our cozy café.

Wedding Cake Golden Dreams
Wedding Cake Love Birds
Wedding Cake Real Gold
Wedding Cake  Romantic Cake Lace
Wedding Cake Violet Shadows
Wedding Cake Waves
Wedding cake swan
Wedding cake spring bouquet
Wedding cake rosy
Wedding cake rings
Wedding cake promise
Wedding cake prince and princess
Wedding cake orchids
Wedding cake no escape
Hochzeitstorte mobile love
Wedding cake hearts and petals
Wedding cake hearts
Wedding cake golden hearts
Wedding cake gems
Wedding cake crazy football
Wedding cake crazy
Wedding cake candle light
Wedding cake cambodia lilly
Wedding cake calla lily
Wedding cake bon voyage
Wedding cake classic cupids
Wedding cake Champagne celebration
Wedding cake dream of roses
Wedding cake strawberry
Wedding cake rustic
Wedding cake blossom
Wedding cake noble and elegant
Wedding cake Swaronski
Wedding cake garden of roses
Wedding cake rose
Wedding cake nature
Wedding cake classic
Wedding cake black and red
Wedding cake 4
Wedding cake Aristea
Wedding cake rose cascade

Please book an appointment with our wonderful staff and get inspired by the wide range of possibilities we proved.


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