Naked Cakes

Is Fondant too sweet for you? Do you not want too much cream?

Maybe the new wedding cake trend of the Naked Cakes is just right for you.

Naked cake fruit dream

But what exactly are naked cakes? These creations show the inside of the cake, unadorned and in a “raw state“.

Vintage fans and people who enjoy a rustic style will love the variety of decoration options.

These special cakes are best served with real flowers, but wild berries can make your cake an eye-catcher on the dessert table.

They are sprinkled with powdered sugar giving them a dreamy look, paired with the colors of the fillings, which can be determined by the type of flavor you decide to choose.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Naked cake berry mix
Naked cake blue moon
Naked cake floral dream
Naked cake flower meadow
Naked Cake Frog Prince
Naked cake daisies
Naked cake roses
Naked Cake Violets
Naked cake forest fruit
Naked cake sugar fruits

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