Ice cream cake
The sweetest refreshment!

Ice cream cake , simply delicious.

Our ice cream cakes are the latest creations from Lézard .
As always, we offer multiple available options.

As always the ice cream cakes are modeled by the creative hands of our young specialists of patisserie art and delivered according to your wishes .

Ice cream cake biscuit raspberry

Various flavors will indulge your palate in the combination of ice and sweet. Just let us know if you best tastes the cake with chocolate, caramel or banana, anything is possible.

The decorations can be implemented variously. An ice cream cake decorated as bisquits or with waffle Splitter. For us this isn’t a problem. The challenge is our credo .

No matter if you like your cake to look even more unusual or if you like it as usual stocked with fruits. For lovers of very sweet caramel and cream will be the taste of heaven on earth .

Particularly in the coming months an ice cream cake will be a flavorful experience, if your guests or your family fancy a refreshment while they couldn’t live without the usual coffee party.

Of course we stick faithfully to our promise and use only high quality raw materials .

Below we present a selection of our finest ice cream cakes. We are happy to give you advises you on your cake in our cozy café

Ice cream cake vanilla nut
Ice cream cake banana
Ice cream cake biscuit caramel
Ice cream cake tartufu
Ice cream cake shocolate Caramel
Ice cream cake pistachios
Ice cream cake kuverture
Ice cream cake yoghurt
Ice cream cake raspberry
Ice cream cake tropical
Ice cream cake caramel

Come and visit us, enjoy the atmosphere and ask for a taste test.

You have a question or a special wish? Write us!

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