Entertaining clients Anniversary Cakes

If there is a soon pending anniversary at yours, or you are planning a summer festival for your office, the Lezard can offer you the perfect cake for any occasion.

Company Event Cake Hedgehog

Especially if you want to have lots of people to get a little bit, or if you want to represent your company towards international customers , we can create great presents in cake form .

We are glad to decorate the cake with your company logo of edible material and to adjust the size of the cake according to your ideas.

Thanks to years of experience with many companies and operators from all over Berlin and the surrounding area, we can make very specific offers for your event that are tailored to the needs of both large and small businesses.

Our friendly staff can give you advice about this matter to any time. We ‘ll be happy to create a special offer for you .

Company Event Cake  Casino
Company Event Cake  Easy Jet
Company Event Cake Logo
Company Event Cake Nike
Company Event Cake Room
Company Event Cake Truck
Company Event Cake St. Pauli

You have a question or a special wish? Write us!

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