Drip Cakes

One of the latest trends in the world of cakes has a very special name: Dripcakes; A unique look, which makes running, flowing down couverture with elegant decoration.

Drip Cake Chocolate hazelnut

First, the cake is covered with a layer of cream, of course, according to our motto, without butter and without animal fats. The chocolate couverture is applied to the surface of the cake and distributed so carefully that only a small part runs down the cake.

The further decoration has no limits.

Do you want a classic fruit or flower decoration, whether genuine or made entirely of sugar? Do you have a special liking for elegant, golden designs or are you a little sweet tooth? In these cases, we can also integrate your favorite sweets in your individual design.

Just let us know which cake suits you want.

Drip Cake Golden temptation
Drip Cake turquoise macarons
Drip Cake land of milk and honey
Drip Cake Minnie Mouse
Drip Cake fruit dream
Drip cake sweets
Drip Cake chocolate nut
Drip cake shell
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