Classic cookies

Cookies something for every taste!

So, with our cookies you can sweeten your coffee at our cafe or you get a box with your own Cookie variation to takeaway.

Cookie mit SmartiesEnjoy our small lightweight treasures with the whole family.
Whether with chocolate, nuts, strawberry cream or rather salty, it is for all tastes.

If you need a larger amount for an event, you can pre-order after consultation with us in the cafe.
We are happy to advise you on the possibility to get individually packages of cookies as party favors or to individualize them by small details.

Cookie Cappuccino Walnut
Vanillekranz mit Schoko und Noughatcreme
Schokokranz mit Erdbeercreme
samtige Butter Vanille Zoepfe
salzige kaese mandel Cookie
Erdnusscookie mit Schokisplitter
Cookie mit karamelliseirten Mandeln
Cookie mit Bitterschokolade

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