Cake pops

In the US they have long been a hit, but also in our country Cake Pops enjoy great popularity now.

Candybar Gold

Handy as a Lollipop, individually decorated and delicious as a cake: The Lézard offers a wide selection of small lovingly decorated treasures that guarantee to be a highlight at your party.

Optionally, you can leave the Cake Pops individually packaged for your guests as a lorry gift or present them on a separate rack for immediate consumption.

Especially for children cake-Pops offer a very special attraction because they are small, handy, not too sweet and can be eaten anywhere.

Cakepops Perls
Cakepops Marshmellow
Cakepops Gold
Cakepops Blue
Cakepops Unicorn
Cakepops Roll of Film
Cake pop Lady and Gentelman
Cakepop Salmon Sushi
Cakepop Baby Brown
Cakepop Sponschbob
Cakepop Gentleman

Our confectioners are happy to help you to find the perfectly fitting cakepop for your event. Do not hesitate to contact us or feel free to come for a personal consultation directly in our café.

You have a question or a special wish? Write us!

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