3D Pie

Your new 3D pies project

Unique design requires absolute passion and dedication to detail. And these can be found in our unique 3D pie. Let your ideas beyond the two-dimensional shape and satisfy your own personal cake dream. A cake can just be so much more than “just cake “.

3D Cake Minion Jungle

No matter if you choose your favorite cartoon character, your dream car, a school cone, a sports stadium, bags …or anything else…. our high standards for ourselves, allows every cake project to become real.

3D pie Nikon camera

The most elaborate cakes consist mainly of fine but solid cake.
For the modeling of the outside they are covered with fondant, a type of sugar mass which deforms particularly well and can be colored .

Our confectioners will be happy to give you advice about the possible flavors of this cakes.

Please note that 3D cakes require a longer time for production. Please contact therefore early to our confectioners to discuss your order.

3D pie gentleman
3D cake of champagne
3D cake Cheeseburger royal
3D cake Ninjago
3D cake makeup
3D cake slot maschine
3D cake Hugo Boss shirt
3D Pie Baby Shower
3d cake hello kitty
3d cake skateboard
3D cake sneaker
3D pie circus
3D cake castle of the princess
3D cake Nike sports shoe
3D cake Legoland
3D cake Violin
3D cake Star Wars
3D pie gym
3D pie treasure chest
3D pie football
3D cake Bayern Munich
3D pie Beck's beer
3D cake Porsche
3D pie piggy

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